Should gender be subtracted from business?

Initial thoughts

My boyfriend reminds me I’m strong and smart… so he should be replaced?

What are we raising children to believe?

It takes more than hope in today’s world to get where you want to go… it takes hard work, struggling, belief, a support system, getting back up after you’re kicked down over and over, and taking control of your life when it’s not going in the direction you want it to go.

Why does diversity matter more now than ever?

Do we subtract gender to the equation, or do we add it?

Steps forward

Step 1: Seek to understand your own unconscious biases

Step 2: Be an ally for people less privileged than you

Step 3: Get out of the bubble, go live a day, week, month in someone else’s shoes

Step 4: Listen

Step 5: If you see something, say something

Bringing it all together.



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