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There’s an ancient Indian proverb about 6 blind men and an elephant. The proverb says that the 6 men all have different ideas of what an elephant looks like based on their experience touching the elephant.

The problem is that the blind men can not agree on what the elephant actually looks like as they each encountered a different part of the elephant. While one man felt the tail of the elephant and described it as an animal that’s like a rope, another felt the side of the elephant and described it as a wall.


Originally published at https://growthgal.com on May 9, 2019.

I was asked the following question on a recent ask me anything… “When I attended a gender studies seminar in the early nineties we were taught that there are basically two ways of dealing with gender. You can add gender to everything or subtract it from everything. I prefer the latter path. Do you think we need more focus on women in business?”

This question made me pause. I took a few deep breaths to help let go of initial judgement and gut reaction to the question. …

“Alexa… ALEXA! Play Fleetwood Mac!”

“I’m sorry, I can not find any songs by Meatwood Mac on Amazon.”

“Come on! ALEXA! Play Fleetwood Mac on Spotify!”

“Shuffling songs by Fleetwood Mac on Spotify.”

🎶 Dreams by Fleetwood Mac 🎶

“ALEXA, shut up.”

Music stops.

It’s easy to get frustrated by miscommunication with technology that’s supposed to make our lives easier. Just as it’s easy to get frustrated with a loved one that didn’t pick up our phone call, a stranger that totally screwed up our food order, or a Lyft driver that took the wrong turn.

In my opinion, it’s…

Over 2 years ago I sat down to coffee with Sean Ellis. I was anxious. I wasn’t sure what Sean would be like and I was in the midst of working through my own imposter syndrome as a marketer in the tech world.

After we went through our casual introductions of who we are and what we’re working on, Sean asked me a simple question. “What do you think is the most important pirate metric? Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, or Revenue?”

I quickly blurted out “Activation!”

My nerves forced me to respond with my gut reaction, something that after 2+…

A couple of weeks ago we launched a private beta for our new growth acceleration software, Experiments. The GrowthHackers team has been working on building Experiments, in some fashion, over the past 3 years. It hasn’t been easy, and we’re not done.

What is Experiments?

Experiments is a growth acceleration software that allows your entire team to understand and contribute to sustainable growth efforts.

You might be thinking “holy buzzwords Batman” and I understand that this might not be intuitive to all, so I’d like to offer my perspective of how this software came to be and how you can start using it…

After helping hundreds of companies understand how growth hacking fits into their business, our team has compiled our learnings and offer 5 questions for early stage startups to consider when getting started or improving an approach to sustainable growth.

The 5 Questions:

To set up your team and product for success, we recommend asking the following questions about your own company. We’ve recommended resources from the GrowthHackers Community as well as our own team’s experience to help guide you through answering each question.

Keep in mind that it’s much easier to shape the culture of your organization for growth when you’re still a…

Earlier this week the GrowthHackers team brought top growth pioneers in to stage at the 2018 GrowthHackers Conference in San Diego.

We will be releasing the full recordings of all presentations, fireside chats, and panels in our Virtual Pass once available. In the meantime, you’re welcome to view the slides of the standalone presentations below.

Growth Stories

Opening Remarks & Keynote: Relentless Pursuit of Growth
Sean Ellis, CEO & Founder, GrowthHackers

How Eventbrite applies the growth mindset to bring the world together through live experiences
Brian Rothenberg, VP Growth, Eventbrite

Fireside Chat: The CEOs Role in Growth
Matt Barrie, CEO, Freelancer
Sean Ellis, CEO…

At GrowthHackers we get a lot of questions from teams getting started in cross-functional, customer-centric growth. Who should be on the growth team? Who should the growth team report to? How do we get buy-in across the team? How do we know where to focus our resources? The list goes on…

What we’ve learned is that every company’s situation is different and each team will need to try new ways to improve their own company’s growth mindset, culture, team, and process. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to sustainably growing a business.

With that being said, there…

While planning the 2018 GrowthHackers Conference, I started getting questions from attendees and people sending attendees to the conference asking for pointers on how they can get the most out of the conference.

Drawing on my past experience attending, sponsoring, speaking at and now hosting conferences, I have tactics I recommend everyone test out as they head into their next conference.

1. Leave the ego at home.

I say this first because it will make the following tips work much better. People go to conferences to learn and get inspired. It’s not every day you can leave all preconceived notions and ask questions that you otherwise…

#GHConf18 ◦ February 6, 2018 ◦ San Diego, CA

View the Final 2018 GrowthHackers Conference Agenda

Every year, the GrowthHackers Conference planning team gets together to plan with one mission: bring together growth experts from or working with fast growing companies to create a wholistic program to teach teams and individuals on how to adopt sustainable growth practices.

Dani Hart

Sustainable Company & Personal Growth @ GrowthGal.com, Director of Content @ psyML.co

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